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Meijer After Effects 2020

Ended May 31, 2020

Spots remaining: 1

Full course description


Class 1 – Course Overview, Interface & Workflow Introduction, Export Basics

 Overview of panels, creating a project and importing footage, create a composition & arrange layers, add effects & modify layer properties, then export the project.

Class 2 – Basic Animation using Effects & Presets

Import various types of media directly and using Bridge, Meijer-specific systems access (if needed), still sequences, Dynamic Linking & AE/PSD imports, keyframing, interpolation, easy ease, using animation presets.

 Class 3 – Creating and Animating Text

Text layer basics, point vs. paragraph text, text animation presets, animate text on a path, import & animate a PSD, Kinetic text.

 Class 4 – Working with Masks and Path Animations

Mask shapes, creating a mask with the Pen Tool, editing & feathering masks, mask modes, layering multiple masks.

Class 5 – Plugin Effects 

Sabre from Video Copilot will need to be installed for this class. Energy Beams, Lasers, Electric, Haze, and other plugin effects will be explored then other plugin providers will be reviewed.

Class 6 – Manipulation of Motion Video

Time Remapping, Motion Tracking with Mocha, Puppet Tool.

Class 7 – Intermediate topics In After Effects

Color Correction, Layer Comps, Splitting Layers, Blurring, and other Finer Points.

Class 8 – The Speed Test

A practical exam testing Creativity, Functionality, and what has been learned in this Course.

Class 9 – Student-Teacher Sessions & Final Showcase